Advertisement or a guest post

If you do Guest Posting Inquiry: We allow users to post relevant and non-promotional written content on our site in Bulgarian.

We may write the article if you give us the topic. It is included in the price. We have a team of professional native writers on standby who will deliver quality articles. We also make a keyword reseach to guarantee that the article will have search traffic. All the written articles will be relevant to the content present on our platform.

The links are do-follow. But we have first to see the site that we will optimize. All posts would be pre-approved. There will be no sponsored Tag. If the article doesn’t pass our requirements, we can reject it. Article & Link will be on site permanently. Payment will be after the article post.

But our offer is not applicable to every site. Show us your website and we will give you the answer if it is applicable or not.

You don’t need to send us an article. We will write it. 500-600 words text is included in the price. Just send us the topic, the keyword and the URL of your page that you want to promote.

The text will be in Bulgarian language, 95-98% unique content with search traffic guaranteed by us. We’ll be ready in a week maximum.

The price for publishing an article with us is very afordable , and this includes writing the article by us, as it must be in Bulgarian. This offer does not apply to all topics, so we must first see the site which we will optimize. Send us your site that you want to optomize using the email:! Or use the contact form: е електронно издание за здраве и превенция.

    Реклама или гост публикация в сайта.

    За банер реклама е възможно да се договори различно рекламно позициониране.

    В зависимост от разположението на рекламния банер за определените цени може да получите над 100 000 показвания месечно.

    Банер 300х250 всички страници – 3,50 лв/ден.

    Банер 728х90 всички страници – 3,50 лв/ден.

    Банер 468х60 над статии – 5,50 лв/ден

    Банер (мега) 300х500 всички страници – 4,50 лв/ден

    За уточняване на позиции и промоции се свържете с нас чрез коментар или от формата за контакт ТУК.

    Цените са без ДДС

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    1. Hi!

      Hope you are having a great day! I have come across your site, and I strongly feel that your website is a perfect match for us.
      We are a content marketing agency, and we’d be thrilled if you’d allow us to post relevant and non-promotional content on your website. You can help us by placing an article with a do-follow link on your site.
      Let us know how much you charge for a do-follow link. We make payments through PayPal or Payoneer. We look forward to having a long-term relationship with you.

      We’ll be happy to hear from you soon.

      Kind Regards

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